Book release at “Aman” library


Book release at “Aman” library

 The Publishing House “Mitropolia Olteniei” has recently released the book called “Oameni si locuri din istoria Bisericii Oltene” (People and places in the history of the Church of Oltenia), signed by the Deacon Ionita Apostolache, the coordinator of the Oltenia Edition of the Newspaper “Lumina”. The event took place on Friday, July 1, in the Great Hall “Nicolae Romanescu” of the County Library in Craiova. 

The official release of the work “Oameni si locuri din istoria Bisericii Oltene” (People and places in the history of the Church of Oltenia), which is a collection of journalistic texts (interviews, reports, documentation) with summaries in English signed by Prof. Hermina Maria Apostolache, enjoyed a generous assistance that appreciated the diversity of the content. The event was moderated by the famous editorialist Cornel Mihai Ungureanu from the daily newspaper “Adevărul de Seară” ofCraiova. In the context of a thorough analysis of the recent editorial issuance, Adrian Boldişor, Manager of the Publishing House “Mitropolia Olteniei”, the researcher and writer Tudor Nedelcea, historian Toma Rădulescu, Assoc. Prof. Father Picu Ocoleanu PhD, and Father Mihalache Tudorică took the floor. 

Lansarea oficială a lucrării "Oameni şi locuri din istoria Bisericii Oltene"

  Reconstruction of a Christian Citadel

In the opening, Adrian Boldişor pointed out a few aspects regarding the harmonious relation between the form and content of the work. Also in this regard, the researcher Tudor Nedelcea said: “I could say it is a unique book because of the format it deals with. In a close analysis, it may be noted that nothing is accidental. All elements form a complete ermineia of the word, emphasising its true value. This is why I would like to congratulate the talent of that person who worked so hard to give it this form”. The historian Toma Rădulescu has appreciated the diverse and simultaneously unitary feature of the topics the author dealt with: “The book represents a genuine attempt to reconstruct a Christian book without walls, but of a profound spiritual load.  The argument brought by the author is that of the truth he seeks, researches and approaches. He makes us understand very well what a Christian atmosphere means, without chronological borders and divisions into various arrangements or social evolutions. We are impressed to see how contemporary Michael the Brave, Constantin Brâncoveanu and other characters presented here are. The importance of this book lies precisely in the assembly of events and personalities presented in a pleasant and accessible manner.” Prof. Father Picu Ocoleanu also said: “Such book shall remain and certify what has been done here. Over the years, when it will be needed to realise a documentation regarding this period, one shall reach the book of Father Apostolache and one shall see that report was written here, that interviews were done inCraiova, that a historic and artistic conscience existed here. In one word, we could say that by its diversity, the book provides a true spectacle to the reader, the spectacle of Oltenia.” The string of speeches was concluded by Father Mihalache Tudorica: “The apparition of this book is equal to the exit of a particular eclipse. The book is exceptional by its graphics and composition, and replaces the great values of theChurchofOlteniainto their deserved places.

Finally, Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache thanked the His Eminence the Metropolitan Bishop Father Irineu for the blessing, trust and support provided for publishing the book, as well as to all collaborators who worked in achieving this project. 



Marinela Porneală, Newspaper “Lumina”, 4 July 2011