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06.03.2017 – Gaudeamus Book Fair from Craiova – 16th edition

The Publishing House ‘Mitropolia Olteniei’ was represented this year at the Gaudeamus Book Fair, one of the most Romanian cultural events, edition organised in Oltenia. Already a tradition, the exposition for this year reached at the 16th edition, the first of which occurred in 1994. At the historical moment, the first honorary president of this book fair made this affirmation: ‘Gaudeamus embodies as an institution all that is seductive, exciting and pragmatic, in one word: young for the Romanian letter of today’ (Mircea Sântimbreanu, November 1994). Today, this book fair has an international reconnaissance, compared by many professionals with the Book Fair from Frankfurt. 

For the persons who love the books, this annual event represents a special moment of joy, feeling in connection with the title of the book fair Gaudeamus, a Latin term which can be translated let us rejoice. This year the Caravan Gaudeamus will be present in the great cities of our country. Craiova had the honor to open this trail. In the middle of Oltenia, this exposition was hosted by the National Theatre ‘Marin Sorescu’ of Craiova. The event was organised by the Radio Romania Media Cultural Center and by Radio Oltenia Craiova during 1st – 5th March 2017, open for public every day. Among many publishing houses present at this book exposition, with the blessing of His Eminence Irineu, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia, the Publishing House ‘Mitropolia Olteniei’ also participated, under the coordination of the director of the publisher, Fr. PhD Professor Adrian Boldișor. For the exposition of this year, the Publishing House ‘Mitropolia Olteniei’ has brought new theological books, signed by professors of the Faculty of Theology from Craiova. Among others, the following books were presented: Fr. PhD Professor Nicolae Răzvan Stan (editor), Dignity and Freedom of the Human Person: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Craiova: Publishers: Mitropolia Olteniei and Universitaria); Adrian Boldișor, The Importance and the Actuality of the Interreligious Dialogue for the Contemporary World: History, Perspectives, Solutions (Craiova: Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei); Fr. Adrian Ivan, Logos Parainetikos. Parenetical Principles Within Homilies to Matthew and In Other Writings of Saint John Chrysostom (Craiova: Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei); Nicolae Răzvan Stan, The Duty to Stay Alive. Themes of Orthodox Spirituality and Theology (Craiova: Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei) etc. Also, along these books were presented different religious CDs, calendars, as well as several liturgical works: ‘The Life and the Akathist of Saint Irodion’, ‘The Life and the Akathist of Saint Stelian’, ‘The Lamentation of Mother of God’, ‘Lamentation of our Saviour Jesus Christ’.  






Publishing house “Mitropolia Olteniei” at the Gaudeamus Book Fair

 The Publishing House “Mitropolia Olteniei” participates at the “Gaudeamus” National Book Fair, organised this week inside the National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” of Craiova. Among the titles exhibited, there is also “Iisus Hristos este Acelaşi, ieri şi azi şi în veac” – author His Eminence Irineu Popa, “Proloagele”, “În lumina Cuvântului. Dialoguri cultural-teologice” – author Ana Ocoleanu, “70 de ani de la reînfiinţarea Mitropoliei Olteniei”, “Oficializarea stilului pictural bizantin în iconografia creştină” – author Constantin Apostol, “Viaţa şi Acatistul Sfântului Stelian”, “Viaţa şi Acatistul Sfântului Mucenic Ioan Valahul”, etc. 

Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache, Newspaper “Lumina”, 11 March 2011