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October 23, 2011 – CD release at the „Oltenia” Philharmonic from Craiova: two works of high quality graphics and music…


”Mitropolia Oltenia” Publishing House organized on Sunday, October 23, the release of two CD works with church music, recorded by the Psalm Group „Sfântul Mare Mucenic Dimitrie Izvorâtorul de Mir” from the Metropolitan Cathedral from Craiova. The event took place in the Great  Hall of the „Oltenia” Philharmonic and was opened with the word of blessing of the His Eminence Metropolitan Acad. Ph.D. Irineu.

The ”Mitropolia Oltenia” Publishing House brings, as usual, to the attention of reading, art and even music lovers works of high quality, created with great talent and dedication. This time, the gift dedicated to the inhabitants of Craiova and not only them, was two valuable CDs recorded with traditional church music by the psalm singers from the Metropolitan Cathedral „Sfântul Dimitrie” from Craiova: „The image of the holidays of the year on Byzantine notes” and „The Assumption of Theotokos, heavenly and earthly joy of life”. The works were oficially presented to the general public in a very special event, impregnated with quality musical moments and pertinent discourses.

“Music is a language of universally valid value”

The hole manifestation was held with the hierarchical blessing of His Eminence Fr. Irineu who was present to the opening and who uttered a word of greeting:”Even from the beginning we intended to highlight everything that is beautiful and fine in the Byzantine music. In this purpose we tried to discover among our young real talents that we can rely on and then put them to work. This way, we succeeded to give life to these wonderful works through our publishing house and we have the joy of talking together about music today. Once, the philosopher Platon said that the universe is built after a melody, unknown to the mortals. All the planets, the stars and everything that exists in the universe is moving in a musical rhythm. Obviously, we are also made in a harmonious form and there are not few the places in the theology of the Saint Fathers where we can find the statement ”When He made the world, God sang”. These things cheer and wonder us. Every man exults and enjoys if he listens to a good melody whether he has musical knowledge or not. The music is another language with universal value which can be understood by everybody. It has a power of persuasion greater than the word which is always filtered by reason. Well, the way of communication of music is the heart, the soul. If we analyze these aspects, we could get to the conclusion that God loves both word and music but He cherishes music more. That is way in the Book of Apocalypse He says <<Son, give me your heart!>>” His Eminence concluded.

Prof. Maria Barbărasă, from the Highschool of Art “Marin Sorescu” from Craiova, Fr.Lect.Ph.D. Ion Bârnea, professor at the Faculty of Theology from Craiova, Fr.Lect.Ph.D. Antoniu Zamfir, professor at the Faculty of Music from Craiova and Deacon Prof. Alexandru Racu, the conductor of the Mixed Choir of the Cathedral „Sfântul Mare Mucenic Dimitrie” spoke about the graphical and musical value of the works. The guests discussed in detail the manner in which the works were done and the interpretation of the melodies. Between their discourses, the members of the Psalm Group, conducted by Prof. Victor Şapcă sang some of the pieces that are recorded on the two CDs. 

Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache