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Double event in Craiova editorial: Ed “Metropolitan of Oltenia” launched its last works in 2011

The spiritual Agenda 2012 and on the CD “expressiveness of healing theology in theology of music psalm” are the two papers released Monday, December 12th at Hostel priestly “Renasterea” in Craiova. With this event, Publishing “Mitropolia Olteniei” concludes a rich range of activities this year to promote products published with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Irineu.

 The faithful of the Archdiocese of Craiova received the  last two works, officially put under the Publishing House “Mitropolia Olteniei”: Spiritual agenda in 2012 and Byzantine music CD “expressiveness of healing theology in theology of music psalm.” The event enjoyed a very special atmosphere, heated by the  carols and hymns of harmony Byzantine Group members interpreted the psalm “Holy Great Martyr Demetrius” of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Craiova. Moreover, the presence and blessing of His Eminence Hierarchical Father Metropolitan Irineu strengthened quality endorsement for the two achievements.

The event was moderated by Fr Marius Resceanu, editor in chief of Radio Trinitas Studio Logos. The team of specialists included: His Eminence Metropolitan Father Irineu, Prof. Adrian Boldişor, Publishing Director ofMitropolia Olteniei”, Fr. Assoc. Dr. PICU Ocoleanu, professor in the Faculty of Theology, History and Science Education in Craiova, Florin Rogneanu, Director Museum of Art “Jean Mihail” from Craiova, Prof. Ion Preda, professor at the School of Art “Marin Sorescu’’ from Craiova, lecturer. univ. Dr. Paul Şopov from Faculty of Letters of Craiova, Department of Music Pedagogy, Professor Victor Sapca, conductor of psalm Group “Sfantul Mare Mucenic Dimitrie” and Catalin Pîrvulete, IT programmer.


Orthodox agenda – “sanctification place our plans”

            In the opening event, IPS Father Irineu spoke of the importance of the two papers presented: “today we areparticipating in the birth of the two works, the spiritual Agenda 2012 and Byzantine music CD “expressiveness of healing theology in theology of music psalm.” We say that we have in view all the struggles that were made to these publications. Genesis of all our work involves more effort, wisdom and devotion. The Arabic word translated as a writer “who is born”. Therefore, we can say that the artist  is the person who is born. That is our House, led by Mother Miriam, manages to give birth to works of art “. Metropolitan of Oltenia and also explained the spiritual meaning that emerges from the use of the Orthodox agenda: ‘Orthodox agenda is a time that takes place every day. In it we have churches, frescoes and especially holy. Hence we must learn that every day of our life is not without importance, because it is protected by a saint. Here’s how important the Christian Orthodox calendar. At home, if you schedule on the wall of multiple protection for saints are present in your life and on their behalf. Are enrolled there to remind us of them, asking them to intercede for the salvation of our souls. This is the aim of Orthodox Agenda  and the calendar and of course, where we adhere to what we have achieved all our best wishes, all our plans to be sanctified by the holy day. These notes bring all our options before God, that He might sanctify them. It is the purpose of our agenda”

Next, each guest looked into perspective their own  the  elements of the CD and the Spiritual Agenda:

            “Agenda 2012 represents for us the culmination of a year for new work, with many difficulties that we were able to go with the good faith and prayer to God. The novelty of this work, in addition to achieving outstanding graphics, in addition to its interior is so well structured, is the possibility those of transposition of electronic data through an online agenda. We want, as next year, to be in your expectations in other works as well adorned. ” (Adrian Boldişor)

“A true work of art”
            “The team led by mother Miriam, who made this work, the thought of it as a blood relationship between God and the gold of His Ascension. When you open it, inside, you think you face a papyrus paper with silk. It is the only paper that were placed special teachings of the great thinkers of the world. We meet here a great way to transpose ideas, insight imaging totally separate. It is very hard to sit on a page saints, decorative items, Orthodox Christian architectural elements in relation to a monument. The solution was extremely ingenious. Therefore we can say easily that what we face today is a true work of art that will remain normative fo th eChurch of Oltenia history.” (Florin Rogneanu)


            “I recently read a very interesting novel, written by a Nobbel laureate, Orhan Pamuk, a Turkish miniaturists who is describing the world, showing very nice their humility. His book fits perfectly of today works. Each publication at “Mitropolia Olteniei” has  personality comes with something new that surprises us, I would say unique at national publishing. The logic behind publishing aesthetic achievements of each is very special person, an artist in the true sense of the word, it’s mother Miriam Link. However, as miniaturists of old, mother, with a humility that we know of old books, the name never appeared on the books. That is why these works are valuable. That is why their value goes beyond words, why in their implementation is put heart, dedication and hard work.”(Rev. Assoc. Ph.D.. PICU Ocoleanu). 

            “Everything was done was done in teams. CD that we released today, as those so far, is the result of teamwork. In all our efforts we consult with IPS Father Irineu, for choosing pieces, the composers and the approach  of the pieces . Thanks your Beatitude for your support and for the investment you make in this project. Thanks also to Publishing team “Mitropolia Olteniei”, especially mother Miriam is the soul of these works. His Holiness, the time and no time, the talent that is equipped, beautifully blends tradition and renewal for the benefit and joy of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Craiova”. (Prof. Victor Sapca)

            At the launch, the singers of psalm music of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Craiova have played a bunch of Byzantine songs drawn from the new CD and traditional carols orthodox. Finally, Catalin Pîrvulete practically exemplified using a video projector, how to use the online agenda.
                                                                                          (Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache).

A new book launched by “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing : “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”

The paper “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”, published by “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing, received the endorsement of quality from specialists on Thursday, December 8. The book was launched in an academic framework, the amphitheater “Iosif Constantin Drăgan” of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration in Craiova.

            Teachers, men of letters, students and researchers from Craiova gathered in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law, on Thursday, December 8, to attend the official launch of the paper entitled “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”, author Professor Adrian Boldişor. The event was attended by His Eminence Ph.D. Acad Father Irenaeus, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia.


 “The work makes us think at the manuscripts of the scholar Mircea Eliade”

 The discussions  were moderated by Father Lecturer. Ph.D. Adrian Ivan, professor at the Faculty of Theology, History and Sciences of Education from Craiova. After a brief presentation of the author’s biography, Father Ivan gave the word to His Eminence Irineu, who emphasized that the link between the graphics of the book and its content are inseparable and form a whole: “We can address only words of praise and thank those who have labored in our Publishing House. By their effort, this book has become a true work of art”. His Eminence also appreciated the style of research in which the work has been made: “The writing is smooth, worthy of graphical presentation in which it has been placed. It sends us think at the  manuscripts of the Romanian scientist Mircea Eliade, compiled with great care and dedication. Therefore, we congratulate the author and wish him not to stop here, but to multiply his talent. “

            Father Ştefan Resceanu, professor in the subject History of Religions in the Department of Theology, noted, in his turn, the graphical quality of the work, designed to more strongly emphasize its content. However, Fr Professor Resceanu also spoke about the subject dealt in the paper: “Adrian Boldişor aims to gather the Christian ideas drawn from the thinking of the scientist Mircea Eliade. That was not easy, given that there were voices that have placed him in different syncretistic hypostases. That is why Mr. Boldişor’s book should stay in the library of every theologian.” At the same time, Professor Ionel Buşe, Coordinator of the Center for Studies “Mircea Eliade” from Craiova said: “The work is, undoubtedly, a true work of art, given the graphical form in which it was made. About the author I can only say that he is audacious. The publication of such a book at only 31 years, is an act of great courage and professionalism “.

The author, Professor Adrian Boldişor, is the Director of the “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing and teacher at the Department of Theology at the Faculty of Theology, History and Sciences of Education from Craiova. The paper is the result of doctoral studies at the discipline History of Religions, at the Faculty of Theology from Bucharest, under the direction of Professor Ph.D. Remus Russian.                                                                  (Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache)