A new book launched by “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing : “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”

The paper “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”, published by “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing, received the endorsement of quality from specialists on Thursday, December 8. The book was launched in an academic framework, the amphitheater “Iosif Constantin Drăgan” of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration in Craiova.

            Teachers, men of letters, students and researchers from Craiova gathered in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law, on Thursday, December 8, to attend the official launch of the paper entitled “Christian Valences in Mircea Eliade’s thought”, author Professor Adrian Boldişor. The event was attended by His Eminence Ph.D. Acad Father Irenaeus, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia.


 “The work makes us think at the manuscripts of the scholar Mircea Eliade”

 The discussions  were moderated by Father Lecturer. Ph.D. Adrian Ivan, professor at the Faculty of Theology, History and Sciences of Education from Craiova. After a brief presentation of the author’s biography, Father Ivan gave the word to His Eminence Irineu, who emphasized that the link between the graphics of the book and its content are inseparable and form a whole: “We can address only words of praise and thank those who have labored in our Publishing House. By their effort, this book has become a true work of art”. His Eminence also appreciated the style of research in which the work has been made: “The writing is smooth, worthy of graphical presentation in which it has been placed. It sends us think at the  manuscripts of the Romanian scientist Mircea Eliade, compiled with great care and dedication. Therefore, we congratulate the author and wish him not to stop here, but to multiply his talent. “

            Father Ştefan Resceanu, professor in the subject History of Religions in the Department of Theology, noted, in his turn, the graphical quality of the work, designed to more strongly emphasize its content. However, Fr Professor Resceanu also spoke about the subject dealt in the paper: “Adrian Boldişor aims to gather the Christian ideas drawn from the thinking of the scientist Mircea Eliade. That was not easy, given that there were voices that have placed him in different syncretistic hypostases. That is why Mr. Boldişor’s book should stay in the library of every theologian.” At the same time, Professor Ionel Buşe, Coordinator of the Center for Studies “Mircea Eliade” from Craiova said: “The work is, undoubtedly, a true work of art, given the graphical form in which it was made. About the author I can only say that he is audacious. The publication of such a book at only 31 years, is an act of great courage and professionalism “.

The author, Professor Adrian Boldişor, is the Director of the “Metropolitan of Oltenia” Publishing and teacher at the Department of Theology at the Faculty of Theology, History and Sciences of Education from Craiova. The paper is the result of doctoral studies at the discipline History of Religions, at the Faculty of Theology from Bucharest, under the direction of Professor Ph.D. Remus Russian.                                                                  (Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache)