Publishing „Metropolitan of Oltenia” launched Saturday, March 24, the new edition, revised, Prologue, on the months from January to February, in print and audiobook version. The event took place at the Monastery Jitianu near Craiova and was attended and blessed by His Eminence Irineu, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia. Father Ioachim Pirvulescu, Lainici convent, Father Bartolomeu Andronicus, Cozia convent, Father Sandu Grigorie, abbot of the monastery „St. George – Prisaca”, Father PhD Stefan Resceanu, professor at the Faculty of Theology in Craiova, Father PhD Sergiu Popescu, Father PhD Adrian Ivan, Father Prof. Constantin Popescu, the director of Theological Seminary „St. Gregory the Theologian” in Craiova, Prof. PhD Dinica Ciobotea, the researcher Tudor Nedelcea and Adrian Boldişor, Director of the Publishing „Metropolitan of Oltenia” also talked about this issue.
In his forward speech, made at ​​the opening of the work, IPS Father Irineu examines the historical dogmatic development of these writings, while stressing their importance for the life of our Holy Church: „Prologue provides us the sight of the true model of a holy life, the pastoral labors of the Holy Hierarchs we talk about the sufferings of martyrs, about longing for God’s holy heremit and women, on the state to which the Christian must strive, in his spiritual effort. Thus, each day is sanctified by the celebration of events or important people in the history of salvation”(p.6).
Edited in outstanding graphical conditions, „Prologue of January and February” is a reference book for the spiritual life of the faithful in the Archdiocese of Craiova