Fr. PhD Lecturer Bîrnea Ion, The ecclesiastical Music from Oltenia in 19-th and 20-th Centuries

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2015, ISBN 978-606-731-007-8

‘The music education in our country started from the old times. Without doubt that the beginning of the ecclesiastical musical instruction from Oltenia have to be searched around the old monasteries. The centuries 19-th and 20-th have brought a lot of renewing in the Church music, since the reform of the psaltic music (1814). The foundation of the Seminaries, of the Schools for singers, the massive introduction and the including of the Coral chant in the Church, next to the omophone ne, the presence of the Church choirs, the impressive number of manuscripts and of religious musical printings, all these ones show us the prodigious musical activity of the Oltenia local citizens.’ The Author