Fr. PhD Professor Nicolae Răzvan Stan (editor), Dignity and Freedom of the Human Person: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2016, ISBN 978-606-14-1096-5, ISBN 978-606-731-003-0

‘This present volume, through a multi-disciplinary approach, tries to create the theoretical framework and to offer the practical perspectives for defining and manifesting the human dignity and freedom. Hoping that the approaches and analyses which are before us will be an addition to understand the mystery and the mission of the human person, we pray our Lord to overflow in our hearts, authors and readers, His divine light that we can see and honor one another and together to look all humans on the earth as created human beings in the divine image, whose mission and call is to raise ourselves to the dignity and freedom as sons of God the Father and brothers of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ The Editor