Ana Ocoleanu, In the light of the word

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2011, ISBN 978-973-1794-42-6

“In the light of the word”

The book is structured in two large chapters, “Theology” and “Culture”, with an ample approach in the fields: theology, literature, philosophy and arts. The string of interviews is opened by His Eminence Father Irineu and harmoniously continues with other 26 materials where each interviewee is a special “character”, with their own ideas, experiences and thoughts, which one carries everywhere, sometimes even for a life time. Everybody has something to say and says it simply, with that simplicity that delights all the time. With all this diversity, the book has a unit of substance provided by the ideas stated. How could we otherwise explain the connection between the words of some theologians such as  Priest Ilie Moldovan – “The Martyrdom is a divine gift: nobody has it if Jesus Christ does not give it” or Priest Jan Nicolae – “Let us communicate the word of God in an Eucharistic manner”, and those of some literates – “When absolutely amazing things happen, it means that God smiles at you” (Robert Şerban) or “I am not saying that angels have fluttered on me or that it was the Holy Spirit, but most probably there was something” (Şerban Foarţă) – and artists: “These people have kept their purity and inner beauty due to faith” (Tudor Gheorghe) or “Basically, the inspiration comes from God” (Marius Hristescu).

Hoping that this work will be browsed with pleasure by those interested, we would like the author to continue her efforts to also publish other works of interest to readers.