Mihai CIUREA, The Catholic Epistle of Saint Jude. Introduction, Translation, Commentary and Theology

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2018, ISBN 978-606-731-051-1

‘One of the most important concern within the life and activity of the Church was to witness or to defend its truths of faith during the centuries, of the moral values and of cult, of the perennial traditions and realities of Christian life and teaching. With the Savior Christ Himself as defender and apologist, the Church promises to the world the greatest treasure of gifts: the eternal life and the Kingdom of Heaven. About these things and about many others confess the work of father PhD Lecturer Ioniță Apostolache, which is addressed not just for the students but to anyone who wish to know and to partake of the fullness of life in Christ.’ Fr. PhD Professor Adrian Boldișor