Pr. Petre Mădălin Ștefan, Orthodox eschatology. The relationship between the eschatology inaugurated at Pentecost, the inchoate eschatology and the final or accomplished eschatology of the City that will be

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2019, ISBN 978-606-731-060-3

Orthodox eschatology cannot be reduced to an annexation of Dogmatics that describes the “last events”, because it represents a “theological space” in which all the other articles on our doctrine of faith intersect (G. Florovsky). It is necessary, therefore, to admit the validity of the concept of inchoate eschatology, meaning it is about to be realised, because it fully indicates the reality that is happening in the Church and in the world, linking the three events of human history, the Creation, the Incarnation and the Parousia, in the Same Christ. Redesigning the way of creation to the Kingdom through His entire economy, Christ, even ascended to Heaven, is still the man’s fellow-traveler to the Jerusalem Above.

Also, the evaluation of postmodernity in the light of the orthodox eschatological theology or, particularly, by reference of our age to the eschaton, asserts its importance precisely in the thematic antinomy of this approach, which lies in the paradox of analysing the present by referring to the future. However, we consider that it is much more realistic to analyse the contemporary condition of mankind from the perspective of its ultimate, meta-historical purpose.