Pr. Conf. Dr. Picu OCOLEANU; Pr. Conf. Dr. Constantin BAJAU (eds.): Spiritual Life and Theological Research. The Papers of the Scientific Symposium of the Doctoral School of Theology „St. Nicodemus” from Craiova

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2018, ISBN 978-973-731-054-2

Dictionary of God

The poetry of Your Holiness makes the soul brightly vibrate like a harp in a score of Bach. I

This volume gathers the contributions of the doctoral students gathered in the first session of scientific communications of the Doctoral School of Theology „St. Nicodemus” from Craiova. The book has two main parts : Dogma and Ethos in the Writings of the Holy Fathers and the Modern Religious Philosophers and The Mission of the Church today.

In the first part are approached theological problems from the works of some Holy Fathers such as the Greek apologists, Basilius of Caesarea, Maximus Confessor, Simeon Metaphrastes or concernig the spiritual life of the Holy Mount Athos.

The second part deals with current issues of missiology such as the relationship between religious phaenomena and human consciousness, respectively between Christian mission and migration or inculturation.

believe that even had I written, I would have stopped after reading to you, I would have finished my literary trajectory like an asteroid in Jupiter. When and why should have I written, when time is not sufficient for so much beauty?