Pages of history, culture and spirituality in the Bănia fortress. Saint NIFON

Saint hierarch Nifon was born around 1435-1440 in the Peloponnese of present-day Greece. He put on the monastic image and then went to Mount Athos where he was ordained deacon and priest. In 1484 he participated in the Synod of Constantinople which was held against the union of Florence in 1439 and in 1486 he was elected patriarch of the Great Church of Constantinople. Then in 1496 – he was reinstated as patriarch after being removed from the chair. On June 16, 1498 he was exiled to Adrianople. In 1503 he went to Wallachia, being elected at the head of the Church here, during the time of Radu the Great, then in 1505 he was removed from the leadership of the Church and left for Mount Athos. He stayed at the Vatoped and Dionisiu Monasteries until August 11, 1508. On August 16, 1517, he was canonized at the Curtea de Argeş Monastery by Patriarch Teolipt with the whole synod.