Prologues of the history of Christianity

„Prologues” are spiritual and, to the same extent, literary writings, which have been used and honored over time by Orthodox believers in our country, along with „Psalms”, „Horologion” and „Lives of the Saints”. Read both in the Church and in schools, these writings have always been a good opportunity for believers to know the lives of the saints and, above all, to follow their example of holiness. So, the „Prologues” put before our eyes true models of holy life, of pastoral needs of the holy hierarchs. They tell us about the sufferings of the martyrs, about the longing for God of the hermits and holy women, about the state to which the Christian must aspire with his spiritual effort. In this way, every day of the year is sanctified by celebrating events or important people in the history of salvation”, His Eminence Irineu, Metropolitan of Oltenia.

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