Representative personalities of the Oltenian spirituality Saint IRODION IONESCU

„The pious Father Irodion became even stronger with prayer and fasting, so that often, being an abbot, he called on God for help, always considering himself to be only a servant of the Lord, and the one who leads the community is the Savior Christ, through his hands. Whenever he withdrew from obedience to the abbot, the pious humbled himself even more by strengthening himself spiritually and those who followed him with much faith and love. Thus the blessed lived like martyrs, in patience, and like the pious in the wilderness of Egypt, in temptations and victories. For the Holy Spirit never leaves his elect, but with their affliction sends them unspeakable joys so that they may rejoice and never weaken in their ascension to heaven” (His Eminence Acad. PhD Irineu Popa)

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