† PhD Irineu Popa, Metropolitan of Oltenia, That all may be reunited in Christ, those in heaven and those on earth

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2014, ISBN 978-973-1794-95-2

In the work „That all may be reunited in Christ, those in heaven and those on earth”, the third volume of Christology, His Eminence Prof. PhD Irineu Popa, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia, presents the dogmatic truth about man and his work in the world that occupies an important place in Orthodox eschatology and parousia, „without being separated in any way by Christology and soteriology. As sentient and intelligible beings, we belong to both the world below and the world above, for which the Son of God, in the fullness of time, became man. Because God willed it, our role is very important in the plan of salvation, as we are a boundary between God’s spirituality and the materiality of the world. Due to this fact, man, endowed by God with freedom, either deifies himself or materializes. Of course, God’s purpose is for us to be like a boundary between the two, the heavenly and the earthly, and to be His good helpers, called to rise in eternal communion with Him. That is why God created us in His image and called us to be like Him, so that we can reach union with Himself, here and in eternity, „those in heaven and those on earth”. ISBN 978-973-1794-95-2 Price: 185 RON