Saint Peter of Argos. Homilies, Translation Pr. dr. Constantin I. Băjău, 2018

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2018, ISBN 978-606-731-043-6

We read with great pleasure the most beautiful homilies of the bishop Peter, which had been transmitted till today, is also fascinated by his homiletic discourse. This heritage traverses the ages through the word of the careful shepherd, the profound theologian, and the ecclesiastic poet. Moreover, the homilies of Saint Peter can be considered a part of orthodox hymnography. In their special content, we can discover a diversity of sentiments which are transmitted to the believers. On the other hand, in the present translation, we find the spiritual climax from Xth Christian Century, which can be described as full of belief and desire for salvation and for communion with Christ.