Alexandrina Bădescu, Traditional Artistic Techniques for New Icons Made in Tempera on Wooden Support

Mitropolia Olteniei Publishing House, Craiova 2017, ISBN 978-606-731-031-3

Different historical periods led to the occurrence of distinct forms of expression, both from an artistic and from a technological point of view. If some icons preserve the classical iconography and they are characterized by a typically Byzantine approach, others are characterized by a high synthesizing and pragmatic styling of reality, often leading to abstraction, as is the case of those of traditional origin. During various ages, from a technological point of view, the icons underwent simplifications at the level of the wooden support, of the preparation layer, and also at the level of the colour film. Consequently, the gold was reduced area-wise and replaced with other, cheaper, materials,or even with colour film, the layers of primer were simplified, and the canvas which existed on the entire surface was replaced with paper during the XIXth century. Taking into consideration all these aspects, this book aims at studying the theological foundations of the icon, the history and the structure of the wooden panel, as well as the technological characteristics of the materials and the stages of work for the creation of a hand-painted icon.