CONSTANTIN BAJĂU, I peri teleiotitos didaskalia toy agioy Grigorioy Nyssis

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, Ekdotikos Oikos K. & M. Ant. Stamouli, Tessaliniki, 2015, ISBN 978-606-731-015-3, ISBN 978-618-5161-17-0

Teaching on Christian Perfection of St. Gregory of  Nyssa The book is a research work signed by father PhD Constantin Băjău in the purpose of a beater knowledge of the Saint Gregory of Nyssa theology. In this concern, the author speaks firstly about the purpose of spiritual perfection at the theological writers before Saint Gregory. After this introduction, he develops the theological arguments from Saint Gregory teaching. The book is writhed in the new Greek dialect, in the time when the author was in Thessaloniki, at his academical research classes. In the last part of the book, we can find a very expositive and abstractly English study regarding the importance of the entire research.