Fr. PhD Lecturer ION-SORIN BORA, Saint Hierarch Antim Ivireanul – Founder of Romanian Culture and Spirituality

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2018, ISBN 978-606-731-049-8

This book consists of the articles given at the symposium organized by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Craiova, 300 after the passing to the Lord of the Holy Hierarch Martyr Anthim the Iberian. The preface of the volume is signed by the His Eminence Professor Irineu Popa, PhD Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia who blessed the work of the symposium and the publication of this volume.

This book contains 25 articles signed by hierarchs, academics, priests, teachers, historians and researchers, who presented the life and works of The Holy Anthim, thus evoking the complex personality of the hierarch, theologian, saint, writer and patriot.

Among the articles are “Moral teachings in the Didache of Saint Anthim the Iberian”, signed by the His Eminence Nicodim, Bishop of Severin and Strehaia, a, and “Holy Hierarch Martyr Anthim the Iberian – present in today’s world through his work” written by theHis Eminence Emilian Crișan, Vicar Bishop of the Archdiocese of Arad, in which the importance of the efforts of the Holy, for the Orthodox believers of yesterday and today is noted.

Of great interest is the contribution of Professor Dr. Radu Ştefan Vergatti, member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, who took care of the life of Saint Antim, revealing here some of the conundrums of his youth, such as the circumstances in which he became a slave, a servant to the Turks or the time in which he learned the craft of the printing press.

The professors of Faculties of Theology have contributed to the shaping of the portrait of the Romanian spirituality reader, especially through his prints and translations of the holy books of service.

They were focusing their efforts on the text analysis of these books and on clarifying the social, political and religious context in which the saint has contributed to the orthodox faith confessed by deed and word in the Church of Oltenia and beyond. Key contributions were also made by Mr. George Niculescu, professor at the “Constantin Brâncuși” University of Tg-Jiu, Associate Professor Gabriel Coșoveanu from the Faculty of Letters in Craiova, and the the others.