Fr. PhD Constantin I. Băjău, Patristic Studies. From the teaching of the Holy Fathers, vol. I, II, III

Mitropolia Olteniei Publishing House, Craiova 2021, General ISBN: 978-606-731-090-0, ISBN vol. I: 978-606-731-091-7, ISBN vol. II: 978-606-731-092-4, ISBN vol. III: 978-606-731-093-1

The Holy Fathers’ works, monuments of the Saint Tradition and inexhaustible sources of wisdom, were created in order to answer the spiritual necessities of the time that engendered them, and represent the proof of the permanent development of theology and its fundament. These creations of the Christian mind and feeling are not anchored into the past, they are actual, representing a living thesaurus that constantly draws our attention when we want to find answers to the questions that bother us today.

The Holy Fathers were the brightest minds of their time and they continue to amaze us through the impressive wealth of their knowledge that goes beyond the scope of theology. They were also endowed by God with the illuminating grace that helped them understand the world in its complexity, a world created by God that continues to stay in His almighty care.