Fr. Constantin Pogor, The Gospel of the Eucharist. Short Commentary on the Gospel of John

Mitropolia Olteniei Publishing House and  Universitaria Craiova Publishing House, Craiova 2020, ISBN 978-606-731-084-9, ISBN 978-606-14-1659-2

From the very beginning, the Holy Gospel of John lays the Divinity out in front of its reader. Even though it may seem overwhelming, this work turns out to be a warm and hopeful introduction, whose purpose is to familiarise its reader with the revelation of the Incarnation. 

Although the Evangelist builds his narrative from an identity perspective, he brings the reader’s focus, slowly but surely, to the functional inquiry into the purpose of the kenotic act of Mesia’s descent on Earth.

The unfathomable teaching of Jesus of Nazareth’s identification with the Son of God, and later with the Lord himself, accompanies another paradox -which constitutes this Gospel’s original approach- the unique ability of the Eucharist to intercede the access to eternal life. With tact and boldness, the Gospel of John teaches that only the ones who believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Resurrected, is really present in the Holy Eucharist can access the Divinisation. This is the actual Good News that welcomes anyone who approaches this holy book.