Alexandrina Bădescu, Collection of Icons Painted on Wood from the 17th–20th Centuries of Jitianu Monastery (Dolj County)

Mitropolia Olteniei Publishing House, Craiova 2018, ISBN 978-606-731-047-4

The book presents a research of icons painted on wood from the Collection of Jitianu Monastery, from iconographic, stylistic and technologic point of view. For every of the 291 icons, a description was made of the preservation state, of the degradations existing at the level of the pictorial layer and at the level of the wooden structure, occurred in time due to the microclimate factors and the anthropic factor. As a result of evaluation and diagnosis, methodological proposals were made for preserving-restoring and monitoring the icons from the collection, restoration operation being applied to a case study made on The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary icon. Conclusions were drawn regarding the iconographic types, the technique used in making the objects and preservation and monitoring methods that can apply until the moment of restoration.