Fr. PhD Marian Grozoiu, Conceptualization and inculturation in the actual orthodox theology

Publishing House Metropolitan of Oltenia, Craiova, 2022

The inculturation, as model of Christianisation, evangelisation and re-evangelisation is a missionary concept and method that presumes the meeting between the Evangel and culture, or cultures, considering all the aspects that generate from this cohesion, for example, the comprehending of the Holy Scripture and the Holly Tradition, the preparation of the missionary people, the profound knowledge of the culture that represents the object of the Christian truths, the learning of the language, the traditions, the customs and all the social, economic and religious  characteristics that projects and defines the discussed culture.

The inculturation intends to transpose the Christian belief in the community ethos of each culture, in order to become a way of living for all the people. Undoubtedly, its proper and positive particularities of a culture, its elements, values and traditions are not to be affected or ignored by the evangelic message, on the contrary, enriched and destined to fulfil the real purposes and authentic directions, in order to perfect and redeem the human-beings.

The inculturation observes every culture and activates it for the improvement of their quality and their ethical accomplishment. The culture is the house of inculturation. Without culture, there would be no missionary process.

A conceptualisation of the inculturation and the understanding of the terms related to the Christian preaching are necessary, due to the fact that this process accumulates and gathers the totality of the concepts and methods of evangelisation and, in the same time, this endeavour help us to know the process of spreading better and to make the Evangel of the Kingdom permanent.