Gheorghe Istodor, Theology and science

Publishing House Metropolitan of Oltenia, Craiova, 2022

Theology and science are two true universes of knowledge, concerning God and the world. They also have points of proximity, as well as elements that characterize them.

Regarding the first aspect, we have its research and diversion. Both theology – in the academic dimension – and the sciences – matter and life – use objective research with the direct help of reason. Regarding the diversion of research, the danger for theology is represented by heresy, and for science by ideology.

Regarding the second aspect, we have differences in terms of the objectives and means of the two fundamental areas of human knowledge. As for the objectives of science, they serve to describe the Universe, while theology is the only one able to interpret scientific data in the light of Truth. In terms of means, science uses experiment as a specificity of the scientific approach and theology uses understanding and confession, as a premise of knowing God and creation, starting from the dates of Revelation.

The relationship between Theology and Science can be enriched by the open and competent dialogue between them and can make science intuit the One who is beyond what is researched, and theology to value even more the creation, as “fruit” of the Creator, with the description authentic scientific facts of reality.