Deac, Ioniță Apostolache, People and places in the history of the Church of Oltenia

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2011, ISBN 978-973-1794-43-3

“People and places in the history
of the Church of Oltenia”

The paper called “Oameni si locuri din istoria Bisericii oltene” (People and Places in the History of theChurchofOltenia” is signed by Deacon Ioniţă Apostolache, the coordinator of the Oltenia Edition of the Newspaper “Lumina”. The book was published with the blessing of His Eminence Father Irineu, the Archbishop ofCraiovaand Metropolitan Bishop of Oltenia.

The work of father deacon Apostolache brings together several journalistic texts (interviews, reports and documentaries) published in the pages of the Christian daily paper “Lumina” (National Edition or the Edition of Oltenia) and of the weekly newspaper “Lumina de Duminică”, since the beginning of his collaboration to the present day. Every text is also accompanied by a summary in English, which is drafted by Prof. Hermina Maria Apostolache.

In more than 200 pages, readers have the opportunity to discover a genuine history and life lesson, provided by the interviewed characters, the places described or topics dealt with. Thus, famous names of the Church of Oltenia may be encountered in the section Interviews, such as: His Eminence Father Irineu, Metropolitan Bishop of Oltenia, Prof. Priest Alexie Buzera, PhD, Prof. Priest Picu Ocoleanu, Prof. Priest Constantin Pătuleanu, Prof. Toma Rădulescu, Prof. Deacon Alexandru Racu, Priest Ioan Ioanicescu, Prof. Tudor Nedelcea, PhD, Prof. Priest Ion Buzera PhD, Prof. Priest Alexandru Isvoranu, etc.

The variety of topics dealt with tries to be captivating for the reader, whom by a simple reading has the opportunity to also access topics of theology, history, literature, poetry, music, economy.