Archimandrite Prof. Vasile Prescure – In the Spirit of Faith and Orthodox Piety

Publishing House Mitropolia Olteniei, Craiova, 2006, ISBN (10) 973-7763-12-2, ISBN (13) 978-973-7763-12-9

In the Spirit of Faith and Orthodox Piety

 In people’s life it is possible that situations could occur when they live in a grey lacking higher moral scope, meaning in a state where love does not reign, but selfishness, not the compassion, but avarice, not moderation, but gluttony, etc. In this situation, the élan of the human soul is inclined towards what is sensitive and passionate, which place the seal over Him, deforming Him according to their image and likliness. This is the slavery of the soul of passion, it is the loss of spiritual feeling.