About us

          The fascinating world of books  has always been an important part of our religious tradition. Thousands of pages get out of printing presses, clothed with calligrapher’s ornament have sown over time the Gospel’ message in the hearts of believers.

       In Oltenia, the love for the letter of church gathered together the brightest minds. The history of this beautiful tradition is lost in the mists of time, but its power of persuasion traverses the space reaching nowadays. The number of  published writings under the blessing of the Church from Oltenia, cannot be easily estimated. We remember that here, atCraiova, pen of the personalities from Romanian theology left as heritage for posterity true literary gems.

     The Metropolitans Nifon Criveanu, Firmilian Marin, Nestor Vornicescu and Irineu Popa, the great teacher and  priest Dumitru Staniloae, Fr. Prof. Sebastian Chilea and others are marks  in the history of Church’s publishing from Archiepiscopate of  Craiova. 

    All this hard publishing work started at  March 6, 2002, when, considering the 89th Art. and 114th Art. from the Status for organization and operation of Romanian Orthodox Church, it was officially established the Publishing ,,Mitropolia Oltenia” by art. No.1152/March 6, 2002. By its activity, as newly established institution it assumes the responsibility to support  the missionary and cultural life of the Romanian Orthodox Church. (7th Art)

    Today, the publishing ,,Mitropolia Olteniei” distinguishes by an exceptional graphics performance of printed works. Each exemplary is sealed with the blessing of Metropolitan Acad. Ph.D. Irineu, Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia.