“Mitropolia Olteniei” magazine

Mitropolia Olteniei magazine

 “Mitropolia Olteniei” is the Magazine of the Archdiocese of Craiova, the Archdiocese of Ramnic, the Episcopacy of Severin and Strehaia, the Episcopacy of Slatina and Romanati and of the Faculty of Theology in Craiova. It was founded in 1950 along with the reactivation of the Mitropoly of Oltenia, being issued continually until nowadays. In the first issue from the inaugural year, the editorial office presented the circumstances that led to the publishing of this magazine: “Starting with the present issue, the two Oltenian eparchies, Archdiocese of Craiova and the Episcopacy of Ramnic and Arges, will have the same gazette by blending “the Oltenian Mitropoly�s Gazette” with the “Eparchial Reference Book” of the Episcopacy of Ramnic and Arges. The fact itself comes from economical arguments. But this circumstance makes possible an interesting encounter on the spiritual field. Even from the first encounter requested by the publishing of a new issuance, the purpose of those meetings was considered useful. “Mitropolia Olteniei” will gather in its index, in the first part, the works of all the clerics, who cherish the written accents. From the pages of this book, the abundance of the Oltenian spiritual feeling surrounding the two eparchial thrones will flow out. In the second part, the Magazine will guide and reflect our clerkly administrative life. It cannot remain unspoken the joy of composing, from the surroundings that gather us at the same written source, of the good, wanted by one or another.” By the promoted studies and articles, the magazine has contributed actively to the intensification and progress of the theological-academic activity in the area of the Olteanian Mitropoly. Otherwise, with the passing of the time, important names of the Romanian theology and culture have published in this magazine: the metropolitan Nestor Vornicescu, the metropolitan Tit Simedrea, the metropolitan Irineu Popa, the metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania, Pr. Prof. Dumitru Staniloae, Pr. Nicolae Steinhardt, Prof. Nicolae Chitescu, Diac. Prof. Nicolae Nicolaescu, Pr. Prof. Vladimir Prelipceanu, Pr. Prof. Nicolae Neaga, Pr. Prof. Dumitru Calugar, Pr. Prof. Ioan Gh. Savin, Pr. Prof. Ioan G. Coman, Pr. Prof. Emilian Vasilescu, Pr. Prof. Dumitru Fecioru, Pr. Prof. Liviu Stan, Pr. Prof. Ene Braniste, Prof. Dr. Teodor Bodogae, Pr. Prof. Olimp Caciula, Diac. Dr. Petru David, Pr. Dumitru Balasa, Prof. Dr. Nicolae Stoicescu, Pr. Prof. Th. M. Popescu, Pr. Prof. Mircea Pacurariu, Prof. Radu Creteanu, Prof. Nicolae Banescu, Pr. Marin Braniste, Prof. Ioan Ionescu, Arhim. Veniamin Micle, Prof. Alexandru Zub. After the foundation of the Faculty of Theology in Craiova, in 1992, the magazine “Mitropolia Olteniei” has developed greatly, by the increase of scientific articles and by the contribution of the professors from the universities in Craiova. Numerous foreign publications and also articles of well-known professors abroad were published. Also, all the studies are accompanied by an abstract in an international language. Once with the investiture on the throne of the Archdiocese of Craiova and of the Oltenian Mitropolity, his Eminence Acad. PhD Prof. Irineu, the Dean of the Faculty of Theology in Craiova has bestowed a plus of quality to the prestigious publication. Printed in exceptional graphic circumstances, issue by issue, the magazine “Mitropolia Olteniei” presents studies, articles, lectures, translations and valuable reviews, that honour the Oltenian Church and many other. Presently, the Magazine “Mitropolia Olteniei” is registered among the most important scientific publications, recognized by CNCSIS in Romania (*Romanian Council for Research in HE).