Peer review



A material sent for publication in Publisher “Metropolitan of Oltenia” should assume and

recognize that it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere and the authors

agree to free requirements below:

1. All works submitted for publication at publisher “Metropolitan of Oltenia” wearing consent

and blessing of His Grace Prof. Univ. Ph.D. Irineu Popa, Archbishop and Metropolitan of

Oltenia Craiova, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, University of Craiova.

2. Selection and publication of the editorial materials received will be made by the

committee of referees in accordance with theological impact, religious, interfaith,

interdisciplinary and interculturality that promote.

3. Proposed text for publication should be compatible and fit to the editorial requirements

developed by the “Metropolitan of Oltenia”.

4. Review system will consider originality of subject chosen and its impact in the field of

academic theology.

5. Preference will be given to the works integrated in the theme proposed by the Holy

Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church in relation to the current year, but also in

relation with the requirements of readers.

6. The title of the work must have authenticity of the entire text, so those interested to

discover in it a summary of the entire writing.

7. Texts of the young authors who have not yet made a name by publishing will be

accompanied by the recommendation of a professor. In this sense, it is preferable that

academic work is accompanied by a preface signed by a specialist in domain developed

by the author in the paper.

8. References used and grading system must meet academic standards in force, as

appropriated by the Publishing House “Metropolitan of Oltenia”.

9. Proposed publication will be verified by a panel of reviewers that will examine the

authenticity of the text before, in order to avoid plagiarism elements. Suspected

plagiarized texts will be placed on a list that will be submitted to the competent

authorities in taking measures to prevent intellectual theft.

10. Publishing material deemed outside goals announced or not of interest to readers will

not be considered for publication. This situation does not necessarily reflect the quality of

material, only inadequacy and thus its editorial policy for preferences of the readers.

11. The manuscript will be sent anonymously, by two reviewers, experts in the subject area

to assess its suitability for publication in scientific publishing house “Metropolitan of


12. To ensure anonymity, authors are asked to use impersonal references to their previous


13. The referees are chosen by the Publishing Director, in consultation with members of the

Editorial Board.

14. It will form a panel of referees for texts written in a foreign language, Ed. “Metropolitan of

Oltenia” having international languages speakers.

15. Publishing Authors are invited to submit two referees and submit it possible institutional

affiliation and address (mail and email) of the persons proposed.

16. Authors will be informed promptly of the receipt of the material from Publisher.

17. Authors are advised that the reviewing process may take, in some cases, 4-6 months.

18. As soon as Edit. gets the reports signed by the referees, authors are notified of the result

of the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.

19. If reviewers disagree, the Publishing House consulting a third reviewer.

20. Following essays, authors may be asked to revise the manuscript according to the

comments made by the referees in the reports. At each observation referees, authors

will indicate to what extent will comply or justify the option to keep the original wording.

21. Unpublished manuscripts will not be returned to authors.